GhIPSS e-zwich


Merchant Agent

a merchant agent is able to perform all the transactions that a Retail Merchant can do with the added ability of performing Cash deposit transactions unto e-zwich client cards in exchange for cash. To qualify, a Merchant Agent is only required to deposit cash with their bank to be converted to electronic money. This is then downloaded to the POS and can be used for cash deposit transactions.

Retail Merchant

an e-zwich retail merchant is one that accepts payment for goods and services rendered to customers from their e-zwich cards in electronic money. The details of a retail merchant are registered on the e-zwich system by the retailer´s bank and captured on a retail merchant card produced for the retail merchant. All merchants registered on the system are allocated unique Merchant Reference Numbers (MRN). Such payments received on an e-zwich POS device by the Retail Merchant when settled, are transferred to the traditional bank account of the retailer or organization. Funds on a retail merchant´s card are secured and can only be transferred to the linked bank account after settlement of the POS device. Retail merchants are able to offer all e-zwich transactions offered by banks except


  • Increased turnover.
  • Reduced cash holdings, banking charges, communication cost and reconciliation problems.
  • Minimization of risk associated with fraud.
  • New income streams by providing financial services and products.
  • At the press of a button, money from end of day transactions is transferred to merchants´ bank account or an e-zwich client card (Settlement).
  • Prestige - Enhances Business Image
  • Reduces fraud
  • Reduces pilfering
  • Most transactions can be completed off line
  • POS device is mobile

Click here for Teller Guide for performing e-zwich services

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