National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme Payments

In 2014, the National Service secretariat announced a new mode of payment for all National Service Persons. This was after a collaborative consultation between the management of GhIPSS and the National Service Secretariat. The e-zwich payment process arose out of previous experiences with cash based payments to service persons. It was considered that the use of the e-zwich Payment platform would provide an effective means of streamlining the payment process.

The following process was therefore adopted to assist the secretariat to ensure that only deserving personnel who reported to their duty stations and showed up for work are paid allowances.

  • Compilation of records of personnel (names, e-zwich card no., NSS ID) - NSS District Offices
  • Collation of payment records - NSS Regional Offices
  • Validation of beneficiaries details - GhIPSS
  • Verification of payment requests - NSS Head Office
  • Payment Processing - GhIPSS

Since February 03, 2015 GhIPSS has following the above process, validated and effected payments to over 42,000 NSPs from all regions/districts across the country.

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