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The e-zwich Payment Distribution System (PDS) is an application which provides a secure and convenient method that allows an organization to pay its beneficiaries on their e-zwich smart cards. The PDS system can be used for the distribution of SALARY/ WAGE/ PENSION/ LOAN Payments. This application can be run by a Financial Institution on behalf of an employer or by the employers themselves.

Payments can be made in a batch or single transaction by importing the payment file into the PDS system and processing the payment online. The switch creates individual 10-digit codes for each recipient representing the amount paid and is immediately available to be loaded.

Paying unto e-zwich cards empowers employers and institutions to control when their beneficiaries receive payments as the funds are immediately available after processing is complete. For employees who require to have funds transferred into their traditional bank accounts, the system allows them to split income received from the PDS between their bank accounts and e-zwich cards.

How it works

  1. Details of the institution/company are registered on the e-zwich system by the employer´s bank and captured on an Employer produced for the institution/ company.
  2. Employer deposits funds (representing Total Net Salary/Wage Payment and processing fees) with its banker and an electronic value for the amount of the total net salary is created and credited to the employer card.
  3. The payroll is created in excel or note pad capturing the; Recipient name, Amount and e-zwich card number (i.e. USN; this is available on the reverse of the client card).
  4. The payroll data is imported as a "text" or "csv" into the e-zwich payment distribution application. The application distributes the funds based on the data on the payroll to the e-zwich cards of the beneficiaries.
  5. Each beneficiary can then load their funds automatically or manually at any Point of Sale (POS) or ATM terminal.

Processing Fees
The system charges each recipient/beneficiary of the Salary/ Wage Payment Gh¢0.75 for processing the payment. This fee is payable by the paying organization (employer) and it is paid up front. This implies that, in requesting for the creation of e-money for payment of salaries/Wages/Pensions etc, the employer must deposit with the Bank, Cheque or Cash representing Total Net Payments plus processing fees (i.e. Gh¢0.50 per recipient).

Loading Fees

After payment of the salaries/wages, the beneficiaries must load the value onto their cards. There are two (2) options available for this process.

  • Online Auto Load - This process costs GH¢0.50 per load. (This is payable by the recipient)
  • Offline Manual Load - This process does not attract any charge. It involves the manual input of the 10 digit Signature Code (Codes to be provided by the employer) and the amount being received on the POS or ATM.

Benefits of Payment Distribution System

  • Promote speed.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and loss of monies
  • Reduce associated cost of withdrawing huge sums of money for distribution to the employees.
  • Eliminate reconciliation problems associated with cash payments
  • Enable direct monitoring of payments to employees (audit trail)
  • Provide security and convenience to employees(biometric verfication)
  • Payments can be effected anytime
  • If the card is lost, the money can be restored onto a new card.

For further information on how to pay your staff or receive your salary via e-zwich, please contact your bank or Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Limited via the details below.

Telephone: +233 (0)302 610800 | +233 (0)302 610780
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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