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Cards and Verified Payment

Setup/ Card Issuing & Acquiring Requirements for Financial Institutions

CARD Requirements
  1. The Financial Institution should be licensed by the central Bank Of Ghana  
  2. Formation of Project team by the FI (This should include Technology/Finance/Operations/Business Development & Coordinator)
  3. e-zwich Smartcard design artwork
  4. e-zwich Devices
    • Client cards
    • Registration devices
    • Teller cards
    • Merchant cards
    • Point of Sale (POS) devices
    • SIM Card & PC Pad cable
  5. Open e-zwich Eight (8) System Accounts
  6. Telecommunication Infrastructure Requirements
  7. Training
  8. Roll-Out/ Go-Live
gh-link Card
GhDual Card
Interested Institutions should write to GhIPSS expressing interest in acquiring and issuing gh-link or GhDual cards. All such letters should be addressed to the CEO

GhIPSS with the introduction of the all-new Famoco PoS is positioned to support acquiring institutions create several merchant payment outlets throughout the country. The Famoco PoS allow both gh-link, e-zwich and ghdual cardholders to make payments seamlessly at many merchant locations across the country.

Functions of the Famoco PoS
The newly introduced POS terminal from Famoco is a biometric Secure Android 6 device with a battery capacity of 4000mAh, NFC technology, 2G/3G connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and GPS to provide flexibility and accomplish business mobility missions. The device also integrates a Secure Access Module slot to secure all transactions and has an enhanced cryptographic performance with a Secure Element (SE). Other Technical Specifications include:

  • Fingerprint scanner
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g single-band (2.4 GHz) connectivity
  • Two (2) SIM slots
  • Memory size of 1 GB RAM/ 8GB Mass Storage
  • MicroSD Expansion slot
  • 1 SAM SLOT (2FF)
  • Camera (Rear: 5MP/ Front: 2MP)
  • Micro USB & DC via dedicated charger
  • 500 battery charge cycle

Why choose the GhIPSS Hybrid Famoco POS?

  • The device runs both e-zwich and gh-link applications
  • 3rd-party software can be ported to device due to its 1GB RAM and 8GB Mass Storage
  • It has a 4.5’’ Capacity touch screen panel with 3 touch points and weighs only 336g
  • Replaceable 4000mAh Li-on standard capacity battery with 500 charge cycles
  • Long lasting battery (6+ hours - intense use / 14+ hours - moderate use) on a single charge
  • The rear camera provides additional feature to complete authentication and identification processes.
  • The new hybrid POS is equipped with an optical biometric sensor that executes faster authentication process (matching speed of the fingerprint sensor is less than a second.

The Famoco Point of Sale terminals are currently on sale. Interested acquiring institutions should contact the Cards & Verified Payments Unit of GhIPSS.

The Cards & Verified Payments Units supports Financial Institutions with the acquiring and setting up of e-zwich agents. These agents supports with the provision of e-zwich services to cardholders.

Setting Up an e-zwich Agent
Generally, the requirement for setting up as an e-zwich agent is same across platforms i.e. mobile money agent, bank agent and e-zwich agent. Prospective e-zwich agents must have a bank account with a financial institution in addition to the following documents:

  • Valid Company Registration documents (Registrar General ONLY)
    Valid National Photo ID of Applicant
    Area (s) of operation (Detailed directional map to agent location(s) or nearest land mark – GPS - digital address)
    Details of existing business account/new account with a recognized Financial Institution (Banks/Savings &Loans/Rural Banks)

After a successful validation by the bank, the agent would be provided the following logistics requirement:

  • Point of Sale Terminal (POS)
  • Merchant Card
  • SIM Card (any network)
  • Paper Roll

Agents on the e-zwich platform are setup to provide the following banking services:

  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cash transfers to e-zwich cards
  • Cash transfers from e-zwich Card to any Mobile Money wallet
  • Cash transfers from any Mobile Money wallet to e-zwich Card

The GhIPSS payment bureau uses the e-zwich Payment Distribution System (PDS) for the disbursement of salaries and allowances electronically onto e-zwich cards and mobile money wallets. The Bureau also provides an effective payroll management system using the   e-zwich biometric search engine.

The Bureau is currently responsible for disbursement of funds to beneficiaries of government social intervention programs among others.

Benefits of using the Bureau

  • For security and efficiency in payments.
  • The Bureau provides timely review of all payment records through a pre-audit exercise to assure clients of the display of due diligence and value for money.
  • For efficient payroll management.
  • Ensures good audit trail

Organisations and Institutions interested in using the services of the Bureau should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A GhDual Card, is a two in one payment card, that has both the e-zwich & gh-link applications. It therefore can be used either as e-zwich or gh-link or both as desired. Depending on the request of a customer, an issuing bank can activate any of the functionalities that serves a customer's purpose.  The card has been designed to give cardholders access to both funds on their e-zwich cards and in their bank accounts at the same time.

Key features of the Gh Dual card

  • GhDual cards can be issued by all Commercial banks, ARB Apex Banks and licensed Savings & Loans companies
  • It is accepted on all e-zwich and gh-link terminals ( ATMs and POS ) as well as Hybrid terminals ( ATM & POS).

Gh Dual card Transaction Types

The Gh Dual card supports the following transaction types

  • Purchase: The card can be used by cardholders for any point of sale purchase across Merchant locations. The gh-link side can be used for online transactions locally.
  • ATM Cash withdrawals: Gh Dual cardholders can withdraw cash from any e-zwich or gh-link ATM across the country.
  • ATM PIN Change: PIN change services for authorizing gh-link transactions are available to cardholders across all ATMs.
  • Balance Enquiry: Gh Dual cardholders can check the balance in their bank account or e-zwich card at terminals that accepts e-zwich, gh-link or both across the country.

Benefits of the Gh Dual Card

  • Individuals: The Gh Dual Card eliminates the inconvenience that comes with carrying multiple Cards. Individuals who currently have both e-zwich & gh-link cards from their Financial Institutions can now opt for a Gh Dual Card. This will offer customers access to both funds on their e-zwich card & their bank account for which the Gh-link card was issued.
  • Financial Institutions: Financial Institutions currently issue gh-link cards to customers who open accounts. At the same time, they provide e-zwich cards to customers who request e-zwich cards in addition to their gh-link cards. The Gh Dual card will provide Financial Institutions with an opportunity to cut down on cost of issuing two separate cards to the same customer; as they now have the option to issue a dual card that incorporates the functionalities of both gh-link & e-zwich cards.
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